„Der Leuchtturm“ Muehleturm Chur Switzerland 2018

„Der Leuchtturm“ Muehleturm Chur Switzerland 2018Acrylic paint on concrete 24 x 40 metersTwo years after the first idea, it is completed: the mill tower in Chur has become the largest mural in Switzerland! We are overjoyed and incredibly proud. Even though words can not really describe our current emotional state, we would like to thank all … Read More

„Waveform“ Streetartsquare in Paphos Cyprus 2017

„Waveform“ Streetartdquare in Paphos Cyprus 2017Our latest mural made for Paphos in Cyprus for the street art square festival. In this small island were life it self shines in water and sand we bring an art work that shares and connects both of this worlds.

„Recover“ Streetart in Chernobyl

„Recover“ Streetart in ChernobylThe adventurous journey brings them by night-train from Sargans to Budapest, from Budapest to Kiev and by an old VW surf bus right to Chernobyl. This place where thirty years ago the worst nuclear disaster happened and seventy thousand people had to leave their homes. Despite a careful preparation everything comes out … Read More

„Cara Ou Coroa“ Streetart Festival in Setúbal Portugal

„Cara ou Coroa“ Streetart Festival Setúbal PortugalThe „Cara Ou Coroa“ street art festival that took place in Setubal Portugal was probably one of the most special we participated in. A whole block of houses has been redesigned by a total of 9 artists. The whole art work is not the individual houses, but the street … Read More

„Recover Graffiti Jam“ at Dosendealer

„Recover Graffiti Jam“ at DosendealerThe closing of the project „Recover – Streetart in Chernobyl“ by Bane&Pest was celebrated at this event. Friendly artists from all over the world traveled to Switzerland to be part of the Jam. For the first time all Color Nomads met and painted this concept wall.. Rapa GRPHX created this VideoDer … Read More

Guinnes World Record largest UV painting UAE 2016

„Out of sand“ Guinnes World Record largest UV Graffiti Scroll in Ras Al Kheimah (UAE) 2016When Bane&Pest were invited to the United Arab Emirates to participate in the world‘s longest uv graffiti they did not hesitate and took their crew mate Meats with them. With their previous experience in the field of UV colors they … Read More

Dosendealer Collabo with Meats and Dhal 2016

„Dosendealer“ Collabo with Meats and Dhal 2016One of the close friends of Bane&Pest opened a Graffiti Center in 2016. The „Dosendealer“ hall offers sprayers more than 200 square meters of legal surfaces to paint and also sells the entire Montana cans range. The „Holy Hall“ became the second home of the two artists. The Painting … Read More