„Recover Graffiti Jam“ at Dosendealer

„Recover Graffiti Jam“ at DosendealerThe closing of the project „Recover – Streetart in Chernobyl“ by Bane&Pest was celebrated at this event. Friendly artists from all over the world traveled to Switzerland to be part of the Jam. For the first time all Color Nomads met and painted this concept wall.. Rapa GRPHX created this VideoDer … Read More

Guinnes World Record largest UV painting UAE 2016

„Out of sand“ Guinnes World Record largest UV Graffiti Scroll in Ras Al Kheimah (UAE) 2016When Bane&Pest were invited to the United Arab Emirates to participate in the world‘s longest uv graffiti they did not hesitate and took their crew mate Meats with them. With their previous experience in the field of UV colors they … Read More

Dosendealer Collabo with Meats and Dhal 2016

„Dosendealer“ Collabo with Meats and Dhal 2016One of the close friends of Bane&Pest opened a Graffiti Center in 2016. The „Dosendealer“ hall offers sprayers more than 200 square meters of legal surfaces to paint and also sells the entire Montana cans range. The „Holy Hall“ became the second home of the two artists. The Painting … Read More

„Reform“ Street Art Square Paphos 2016

„Reform“ Streetart Square in Paphos (CY) 2016Mural work by Rusl Loveletters and Bane&Pest for the StreetArt Square festival in Paphos (CY) in collaboration with Pafos 2017 Official – European Capital of Culture. An artwork inspired by the need for reforming relations between two communities living on the same island but torn apart by political conflict.Diese Wandmalerei entstand unter dem gemeinsamen Wirken von Rusl Loveletters … Read More

Polenta Jam with Rusl 2016

Polenta Jam 2016 with RuslThe annual Hip-Hop festival „Polenta Jam“ in the beautiful Grüsch (Switzerland) always takes place in summer. Every year the same „Polenta Writers“ meet to give the festival the right look. Bane&Pest always bring a guest to the wall and this year they were accompanied by Rusl, who is also a member … Read More

Blackpool Sand Sea and Spray Urban Art Festival 2016

Sand, Sea & Spray – Blackpool’s Urban Art Festival 2016The Sand, Sea & Spray Urban Art Festival in Blackpool (UK) invites a large number of talented street artists every year. In 2015 Bane met the artist Smile1 from Portugal. In 2016 Smile joined the Color Nomads and so it was obvious that their next visit … Read More