• Commission Work for Caritas Grabunden in Chur (Switzerland)
  • Participated in RUN BGD graffiti jam in Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Participated at the Nicosia Mural Festival with the artwork titled “Comeback” (Cyprus) / TV, Newspaper
  • Participated at the Signals Under Traffic - Urban - Art Event in Constance (Germany) / Galery
  • Participated at the Open Air Oberrieden Jam. Collaboration with Color Nomad crew artist Smileone (Switzerland)
  • Participated at the Polenta jam in Grüsch.  Collaboration Color Nomad Crew artist Rusl (Switzerland)
  • Participated at the Sand, Sea & Spray Urban Street Art Festival in Blackpool. Collaboration with Color Nomad Crew artist Smileone (England) / CNN Live
  • Invitation to paint the front entrance of  Dosendealer in Zurich. Collaboration with Color Nomad crew artist Dhal & Meats (Switzerland)
  • Participated at the Street Art Square Festival for Paphos2017. Collaboration  with Color Nomad Crew artist Rusl (Cyprus)
  • The Chernobyl Project titled “Recover - Streetart in Chernobyl” A documentation about Bane&Pests Journey to paint in the ghost town Pripyat in Chernobyl (Ukraine) / Trailer
  • Participated at the Unity Hip Hop Jam Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Participated in the biggest glow in the dark painting of the world for the World Record of Guinness in Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates)
  • Interieur design for the Viva Club and Hostel in Chur Switzerland.


  • Contribution to Create a mural for a school in Chur titled "i have a dream..." (Switzerland) / Tv, NewspaperStreetartglobe 
  • A journey to Vietnam to paint in Mui Ne with our Color Nomad Crew Artist Dhal / Recap
  • Participated in Paphos Street Art Square (Cyprus)
  • Won the contest for a Skatepark Wall 35 X 4.50 in Waedenswil (Switzerland) / Final Work
  • Participated in SPRAY DAY JAM ZURICH (Switzerland) / Video
  • Participated in Openair Oberrieden (Switzerland)
  • Curating in The Art Hub Visual Arts Laboratories (Cyprus)
  • Commission Work for MTV TOASTED Challenge (Switzerland)
  • Participated at the artGAU event. Collaboration work with the Belgium artist Bisser (Switzerland)
  • Youth center JTB in Constance. Collaboration Work with our Color Nomad Artist Rusl (Germany)
  • A second time journey to Vietnam to paint in Mui-NE (Vietnam)